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With more than 500 original productions and remixes and two Grammy awards to his name, David Morales is one of America’s most iconic and prolific DJ/producers. Now 59 years old, the Brooklyn native has released new music with a new album titled "Life Is A Song." An album that leans heavily on collaborators, Morales reunites with Blakkat, DJ Rae, Elle Cato, Lea Lorien, Michelle Perera, Mr. V, Nicki Richards, Toshi and Ultra Naté, and adds new names to his collaboration rolodex with Babygirl, Joe Roberts, Scott Paynter and Tilly. The album delivers on some of the things that fans have known him for over the years. There are many soaring, uplifting, hands in the air vocal house songs like “Never Give Up” and “Easy.” Those songs have a classic sound without feeling dated or rehashed. "Life Is A Song" does offer something a little different when you hit the middle. Some South African-styled deep houses on tracks like “Hela” and “What Can I Do.” The soaring melodies and vocals return with “Never Looking Back” before finding a gentle piano and drum-driven calm on “Second Chance.” The disco flourishes and gospel influences help close out the album with one final salvo of good times on “I Can Dream” and the title track, “Life Is A Song.” Morales has shown that house music can get better with age. He sounds revitalized with his first album in 10 years, working with great vocalists and collaborators to capture a sound that feels timeless.

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