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New Orleans, R&B singer Dawn Richard has released her album titled "Second Line," her first album since signing to her new label, Merge Records. The album is an unapologetic genre-bender that pushes boundaries, expands possibilities, and shatters expectations. "Second Line" is a cohesive sensory experience that questions traditional ideas of sound, production, and visual aesthetics as they relate to music. Dawn Richard has been a recording artist since she was 16, first gaining traction as a part of P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records roster in the group Danity Kane. In her time with the chart-topping group, she worked with names as large as Missy Elliott, Timbaland & Rick Ross. In 2011, she began paving her solo career with a new, individual style that blurred her R&B past lines, mixing elements of electronic music, Afrofuturist aesthetic.

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