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Twenty-two-year-old musician, songwriter, LGBTQIA+ rights advocate and GRAMMY award-winner Daya has released her new EP entitled "The Difference." The new album features the first single "Bad Girl" and her latest release titled "Montana," which addressed her queerness in her lyrics; the stripped-back and slow-burning is about the fantasy of getting away from L.A. and retreating to a place where I could live a simpler life with the person I love. Daya - a.k.a. the moniker of Grace Tandon, in a nod to her Indian heritage as Daya, is the Hindi translation of her first name has released the new record just in time for June Pride Month. She has performed at countless Pride events and works with GLAAD and the Trevor Project. "I want to do whatever I can to normalize queer relationships and queer stories and help lesser-known queer artists get more visibility in the mainstream," says Daya.

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