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Israeli singer-songwriter Dennis Lloyd released his long-awaited debut album “Some Day” The multi-Platinum international star first made waves with his hit single “Nevermind,” and the project details his journey since that time: a challenging two-year period marked by a legal dispute, depression, and anxiety. Beginning with the album’s lead single, “The Way,” produced by Dennis and Kygo, "Some Days" finds Dennis exploring his deepest questions, narrating his story through the time of “Nevermind” to his present life, as he searches for his true purpose. “I don’t tend to share a lot of personal things about myself, but in order for you to fully understand my music, it might be worth sharing,” Dennis Lloyd shared on social media. “My life has changed dramatically since Nevermind blew up everywhere. I was constantly travelling, performing all around the world and working non-stop. The last tour I had back in 2019 broke something inside of me. It took me 3 months to fully recover from it- physically and mentally.” All tracks were written by Anthony Rossomando, Ben Kohn, Dennis Lloyd, Nick Atkinson, Pete Kelleher and Tom Barnes, and the album is a follow-up to his 2019 EP “Exident.” He started making the album after the 2019 tour.