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Korean -American singer DeVita has brought into being an exceptional EP titled “American Gothic,” where she has taken part even in composing in all of the seven tracks, throwing limelight on her multi-faceted qualities. The title track “Bonnie & Clyde” consists of an alluring lyrical composition alongside her ear-pleasing vocals, making it a true masterpiece. Adding on to the sultry vocals of the track is the music video which adds a theatrical element to it, talking about being passionately in love, to the point of being obsessive over the love that is growing within the relationship: “Boy, you’ll be the death of me/ And the way that we ride is dangerous/ But you holding me down/ Right hand to the gun/ Don’t care what I’ve become.” Aside from the main title track, the following two songs also serve as perfect examples of how her b-sides also enhance the euphonic and alluring quality of the EP. "Eat Your Heart Out, Buddy Kane" is a track in which she captivates the hearts of all by delivering an aesthetically pleasing song entwining with an excellent cinematographic essence. DeVita, alongside JAY PARK, also delivers the track "Cheese In The Trap" that talks about the feeling of being entrapped within one’s love and of how addictive it can still be! Jay Park’s and DeVita’s soft rap skills fit into the track impeccably, bringing out the R&B flair of the song adeptly.

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