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Being one of the biggest names in electronic music ever may come with pressure to constantly reinvent oneself, but Diplo proves that going back to your roots is just as powerful as planting new ones. Back with his first full-length body of work in 18 years, Diplo has woven new features with his signature beats for an LP full of magic. The self-titled "Diplo" is the culmination of three years of self-exploration, revisiting his teenage beloved: house music. The record opens with its groovy lead single 'Don't Forget My Love,' featuring the crooning voice of R&B luminary Miguel. Track 10, "Let You Go," has a similar warmth, oscillating centre stage with sunny piano and synths for a dip into the waters of progressive house. Featuring the rich vocals of emerging sensation Kareen Lomax, this song is a testament to Diplo's new-old sound. Another standout from the album is the Grammy-nominated "On My Mind" feat EDM duo SIDEPIECE. The irresistible nature of this dance-floor filler penetrates the very soul of the rave-lover, with a final drop that's the cherry on top of the drum-saturated cake. The track remains just as fresh and memorable as initially released in 2019. Another returning favourite is the modified version of the January release, "Forget About Me," where a vastness is aided through reworked vocals and a deep house beat. "Forget About Me (Nite Version)" showcases the tranquillizing voice of Aluna Francis, lulling listeners into spacey beats. With "Diplo," listeners can raise their hands to the sky and sink into an undulating house, dancing safely under the watchful production of a ten-time Grammy nominee.

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