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Rock singer and songwriter Donna Missal has announced her forthcoming EP "In The Mirror, In The Night, out via Harvest Records. The project, which follows 2020’s Lighter, sets out to answer the question of what intimacy means. She also recently shared her single “insecure,” “Insecure” presents itself differently than many of Missal’s past releases, stripping back the grandiose, over-the-top performance aspect for an emotional, vulnerable delivery both lyrically and sonically. The singer once again teamed up with Irish producer Sega Bodega and British musician Mura Masa. The new album works best when it gives into the rapture and ruminations of the club and bedroom. The Mura Masa–assisted “Insecure” flickers like a heart in arrhythmia against flat, plaintive synths, and the result comes off as a deconstructed Jack Garratt song while Missal excavates each wound. However, where the EP ends is somewhere before the aftermath of desire, in the liminal space between knowing what you want and the impact of its arrival. Shadowed in with Imogen Heap–ready vocoder, “Sex Is Good (But Have You Tried)” moves with a slow, measured pleasure, drifting in the intimacy of the night. Missal’s voice doesn’t go beyond a caress (she sings “I sit on your face” as a lullaby for cam sex), though never has it felt so immediate. Each line brims with sexual pleasure but also—more importantly—the allure of possibility: “Maybe you could try staying a while.” It’s a way past the wreckage of wanting, the rare sound of a new door opening.