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Dylan has dropped her new EP, "No Romeo," which consists of 6-tracks that feature previous singles "You’re Not Harry Styles," "Someone Else," and "Nineteen," as well as two new tracks, "Alone" & "Live Without It." Speaking about the EP, Dylan explains: “I’m finally at peace with the idea of emotion; this EP is about navigating all forms of love and the brutal consequences of falling for someone. I wrote these songs to empower myself through the process of letting someone in and their inevitable exit from my life. I think this is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life, a new kind of pain that is hard to put into words. It’s insane the number of times I have sat at my kitchen table with a mate talking about how we deserve better than how we’re being treated; life is too short for shit relationships. Within my writing, I was finally ready to talk about how I was feeling rather than attacking the idea of love in hope that others will relate to the situation. It’s time to claim the power back, baby, and no better way to do that than screaming to these songs.” Before 2021’s exponential rise, Dylan released two promising EPs, "Purple" (2019) & "Red" (2020), which she describes as records that chart growing up and exploring her identity and emotions. Dylan is currently on the road with Bastille before supporting Tate McRae in Europe. She’ll also play her own US dates this summer, with many UK dates later in the year, including a headline show at London’s KOKO.

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