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It’s been a decade since a 16-year-old Ella Henderson was prematurely eliminated from the British “The X Factor.” Her debut, "Chapter One," followed two years later to general international success with the lead single “Ghost.” But there was just silence from Henderson’s camp until her 2019 four-track EP, Glorious. Eight years after the debut, she’s ready for the world to hear her sophomore record. "Everything I Didn’t Say" retains the solid vocal work that brought her to attention in the first place. The promotion began for the album with the lead single “Let’s Go Home Together,” released over a year ago. A collaboration with Tom Grennan, the track was co-written by James Arthur, who ultimately won the season of “The X Factor,” where Henderson finished sixth. It’s a low-pop song, and their vocals pair well, though it isn’t the strongest on the album. Album opener “Emotions” is more upbeat and helps to kick off Henderson’s return to music energetically. A driving beat over the electronic production makes it the strongest contender to play while getting ready for a night out. “Good things take time,” she sings on “Take Time,” one of the album’s other electronically produced tracks. It’s about a breakup but indicates why it took her so long to compose her second album. "Everything I Didn’t Say" concludes with “Places,” which features some of the best vocal work between Henderson and her backing singers. By taking her time to compose her second record, Henderson effectively avoids a sophomore slump by putting her vocals at the forefront and reminding us why we first paid attention to her ten years ago.

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