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The rediscovery of a fundamental catalogue, which has made the history of Italian and international music, is Eros Ramazzotti’s most iconic album, "Dove C'è Musica," released as a special collector 25th Anniversary edition. Twenty-five years after its first release, and has become the crown jewel in Ramazzotti’s discography, having topped Italian charts for 16 weeks in a row; it has sold 1,500,000 copies in Italy alone and more than 9 million copies globally, topping charts in many countries around the world. From the opening title track to the worldwide hit "Più Bella Cosa," which won at the 1997 MTV Europe Gold Awards to the hugely popular and delicate "L’Aurora" (dedicated to his newborn daughter), "Dove C'è Musica" remains one of the artist’s most significant offerings earning triple Diamond status in Italy, double Platinum in the USA, Platinum in Argentina and Gold in Brazil. The album still remains today one of the most significant albums in our history, an indelible sign of an artist who, as he himself says, has always wanted to “sing about reality, imagination but above all love, which is the greatest strength we have.”

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