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Rock band Evanescence's new album "The Bitter Truth" finally dropped after more than a decade-long wait since their last album "Synthesis" was released back in 2017. The album is an epic, guitar-driven collection inspired by the realities of the 21st Century and our world. There are many musical styles, influences, and different flavours across the recording that keep you engaged throughout, hefty Rock numbers fused with Industrial and Electronic nuances meshed against the gnarly guitar work and Amy’s piercing vocals make for a fierce soundscape. The band's balance versus the overall composition of the songs themselves is to be admired as each member plays their part in ensuring that the songwriting is king here. Tracks like “Use My Voice” are a beautiful example of how easy it would have been for the subtle changes throughout and how they could have been lost but for their attention to the details in the post-production, allowing the track to breathe. The already-released songs have received early accolades from Billboard and Spin, to name a few. The band's UK tour with "Within Temptation," originally scheduled for April of this year, will begin on September 30, 2021.