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Earlier this year, the return of Fickle Friends was the rebirth of the Brighton band with their aptly titled EP ‘Weird Years: Season 1’. As expected, the synth-pop outfit has now released the sequel "Season 2" following their latest single, "Cosmic Coming Of Age." The new exuberant synth-pop dynamics are matched with lyrics that expose highly vulnerable emotions. Combine that with a new sense of independence and a DIY approach has allowed Fickle Friends to unleash a new kind of potential. Whereas ‘Season 1’ focused on everything that has happened since releasing their Top 10 debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’ in 2018, ‘Weird Years: Season 2’ documents Shiner’s experiences as the new abnormal became the long-term routine. The ‘Weird Years’ concept is also set to be extended into a full album project expected to follow later this year.