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New Jersey native Foushee is known for the viral TikTok clips of her song “Deep End,” which has released her debut album titled "Time Machine." She describes the project as time travel through memories, thoughts, emotions, experiences and what she sees for the future. Fousheé gives listeners a lot to savour in her music. “You’ll hear some nostalgia and airy textures with rhythmic elements because I also like to rap,” she explains. “I also love interesting bass lines, cinematic samples, harmonies and witty lyrics that say things you probably shouldn’t.” "Time Machine" features her most recent track, "Enjoy The Silence," along with Fousheé’s hit single, “Deep End,” which is continuing to push the boundaries and limits. The track currently has over 350 million streams worldwide and landed in the Top 10 at Alternative Radio. This feat marked Fousheé as the first black female artist to hit the top 10 in 32 years. The last artist to achieve this status was Tracey Chapman in 1989 with “Crossroads.” Most recently, Fousheé was named as Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month and released her other tracks, “Single AF,” “Sing About Love,” and “Golf Fronts” ft. Lil Wayne.

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