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"The Kick" is Grammy-winning artist Foxes' third album, and she has now released the deluxe edition, which contains her seven-track "Friends In the Corner" EP., heralded Louisa Allen’s “return” to the musical spotlight after 2016’s sophomore LP, "All I Need." The first batch of songs reflects her tremendous growth, with an energized pop sound capturing a wealth of intimate sentiments and heartfelt, visceral emotions,” Atwood Magazine wrote in our 2021 feature. “It’s pop with purpose; substantial and seductive all at once.” The album was inspired by the desire for freedom that the world collectively shared over the last 18 months of lockdowns, the near-animalistic desperation to socialize, and a longing to dance again. Louisa naturally pivoted the sonics to feed that escapism and create a record that simultaneously feels close to her euphoric, dancefloor-filling pop roots that brought us hits like "Let Go for Tonight," "Youth' and 'Body Talk" while still feeling completely fresh. Unafraid of the art of the well-loved melancholic-banger, lyrically, "The Kick" touches on themes of loss and heartbreak, narrating painful places and soundtracking new beginnings to create an album for the post-pandemic world and summer of never leaving the party early. Bold, catchy, and vibrant, Foxes’ album is an undeniable spark of radiant energy and raw emotion: A cinematic beacon of love, connection, and dance for those who need it, not to mention a good "kick" that hits home and hits hard.

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