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It is nice to give your ears some rest during the holidays. Even so, that downtime would be short-lived. This was because of the release of a new Frankmusik album, "Carissimi," which we have been waiting for since the beginning of last year. The plan for 2021 was to release one new track at the end of each month. Vincent kept to his promise. His new music releases have been regular, as clockwork over the past 12 months. True to his word, the album “Carissimi” and the final track on the record “Next” arrived over the New Year. With this album, you get the overriding sense that Vince is purely making music for pleasure. For no other reason but to please himself. He does not hesitate to explore various music styles that imply this. He covers pop, “La Thing” (club), “Next, “dance-pop, and anthems “Alone.” The production is, of course, a chef’s kiss. Vincent released his debut EP, "Frankisum," in 2007. Former school friend and then assistant of A&R at Island Records, Ben Scarr, introduced Island colleague Louis Bloom to Frankmusik's MySpace page, which was getting a significant number of hits. Although already known for high energy electro and happy hardcore, Frankmusik's signing to Island was partly because Bloom recognized a pop star performer beneath the electronic music.


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