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Italian singer Gigi D'Alessio released "Buongiorno" Special Edition, which contains all the songs of the first edition of "Buongiorno," with Toa second CD with 12 songs, 4 unreleased tracks. After the explosive success of the album "Buongiorno," which in September debuted directly at No. 1 in the official FIMI ranking, Gigi D'Alessio completes this musical chapter which represented an important moment of renewed creative energy thanks to the collaboration with new talents of the Neapolitan urban scene, but at the same time brings to light a new essence of the world of the most intimate feelings and emotions. The Special Edition brings to completion a project that marks a restart from Naples and its origins: from the hits that in the 90s saw Gigi fill the San Paolo stadium to the unpublished ones, the common thread remains the Neapolitan language and the strong bond of belonging to his land. From the past, other hits from the artist's early repertoire have been rediscovered, such as "Na song nova" with Geolier, "'O posto d'Annarè" feat. Lele Blade, "Meza Bucia" feat. Coco, "30 song" feat. Bl4ir, "Anna se sposa" feat. Ivan Granatino, "Defeat of love" feat. Hal Qartièr, up to a tribute to Mario Merola with a new guise of "Cient'anne."

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