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LA-based artist Glüme has released her debut album "The Internet" via Italians Do It Better label. Glüme’s backstory is as theatrical as it is mysterious. Describing herself as a ‘Walmart Marilyn Monroe,’ her bio states that she’s a child star turned singer whose struggles with a heart condition called Prinzmetal angina have given her an outsider’s view on the world. Looking like a ’30s screen icon yet displaying a doll-like demeanour. The twelve-track album of her synthy dream pop record on the surface and a melancholic undertow reveals an intriguing depth underneath the bright fluorescent lights. Imagine Lara Del Ray, Weyes Blood, MotherMary, Joon, Chromatics, and other Italians Do It Better label-mates, St Vincent, and a David Lynchian pop movie soundtrack all selected for an algorithm, and Glume is what you might get directed back at you in return.

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