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Gracie Adams returns with "This Is What It Feels Like," a full-length that is being billed as a “project” so that she can become more famous before releasing her “debut album.” it is a vibrant collection of personal anecdotes documenting exactly how she was feeling over a year of self-isolation and self-realization. "Feels Like" marks the first taste of new music from Gracie since the release of her standout single "Mess It Up" and precedes her forthcoming 'This Is What It Feels Like' tour, which will see the rising star headline a series of shows throughout North America in 2022. Produced by Blake Slatkin, Carter Lang, and Gracie, "Feels Like" blends the heartfelt songwriting of her previous work with a noted hint of euphoria. It's a heavenly concoction that feels simultaneously restrained yet adventurous, allowing the perfect sonic palette for Gracie further to explore the profoundly affective power of her songwriting. Opening on an exasperated sigh, words emerge from the enviable songwriting talent like free-flowing poetry; it's a confessional deluge that grows in emotional tension as the production surges forward, revealing iridescent electronic textures and allusions to organic, heartwarming instrumentation. As "Feels Like" reaches its inevitable conclusion, the radio-ready flourishes fade away, leaving us alone with Gracie and her softly-sung lyrics that sway between bittersweet reflection and serene lullaby. Be sure to be on the lookout as Abrams is now working on more new music, due out later this year.

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