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26-year-old musician Hasley has released her fourth album, "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power," a concept album that tackles the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth. In 2019, Halsey released the fiery “Nightmare,” an urgent, industrial anthem that aptly captured the universal “female rage” amplified by the patriarchal doom of the Trump era. The song, a stark departure from her pop-centric releases in the past, was noticeably left off of their third album "Manic." The track, however, was never written off by Halsey; instead, the defiant, standalone single laid the foundation for her new era. Halsey’s 13-track album presents a masterclass in songwriting and production overflowing with a seductive industrial canvas as well as noise-rock, punk choruses, and fuzzed-out guitars. In many ways, it recalls Reznor and Ross’s avant-garde industrialist side project How to Destroy Angels, all the while Halsey changes between the softness and toughness that comes with bringing a child into a patriarchal world. "IICHLIWP" may perhaps be Halsey’s most ambitious work yet — a portrait of an artist still clouded by chaos but slowly vying to let themself be — in love, happy, content — without fear of self-sabotage. She wanted parenthood more than pop stardom. Now they’ve got both. But Halsey is not a woman; they’re a rock God. This album proves she’s earned the title.

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