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In January of 2021, a faceless bedroom-pop project called HIDDEN PPL dropped its debut single, "Romance In The Park," without revealing any information about the identity behind it. Clocking in at just under one minute and 30 seconds, the sparkly track led with fast, pitched-up vocals, making it even more challenging to distinguish the mysterious singer. HIDDEN PPL continued releasing monthly songs over the year — now 12 in total — all of which are featured on its first full-length album, "Don't Let It Die." Covering a range of topics from love to growth and hope, the tracklist is perfectly bite-sized and packed with bright, efficient melodies and easy production that can be streamed, from start to finish, in less than 20 minutes. Today, the musician responsible for HIDDEN PPL has revealed himself to be Bronze Avery, the LA-based queer artist who's been building his solo career for quite some time now (and recently found a fan in Charli XCX). He talks through making his new album and all the lessons he learned from writing and releasing an anonymous project. This is what he said of the project, "The music industry can be very self-serving, while also actively trying to tear you apart. So much of your success is directly correlated to your personality, your physical appearance and what you can offer the world. It can sometimes feel like the music comes last, and I wanted to start a project where the music came first."

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