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Holly Humberstone has released her second EP, "The Walls Are Way Too Thin," which follows the singer-songwriter’s debut effort from 2020, "Falling Asleep At The Wheel." A blend of darkness and light runs through its follow-up "The Walls Are Way Too Thin," a remarkable six-track collection for its emotional insight. But this time around, there is a new sense of warmth and fun to the music: opener ‘Friendly Fire’ sees Humberstone tend to herself after a failed romance atop a wash of ambient guitar and pretty mid-tempo melodies. Its brooding chords build into a hook about painful endings, soaring beautifully alongside Humberstone’s tender, folksy delivery. Humberstone’s production has become more adventurous, meaning that this EP takes on a different texture and mood than its predecessor. She enlists the help of Matty Healy on "Please Don’t Leave Just Yet," which noticeably contains many of the hallmarks of an early The 1975 song: weighty 808s, spidery electronic flourishes, layered harmonies. This slow-burning number will sound inviting to fans of the Healy-led band. Still, its familiar sonic tricks overshadow any fresh ideas and therefore cloud this EP’s intentions to tread new ground. Holly Humberstone is a rising artist who is taking the music scene by storm. Her songs have garnered over 150 million streams worldwide and show no sign of stopping.


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