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Indie darling Ingrid Michaelson releases her sixth studio album titled "Lights Out," which is 14 tracks and 6 extra tracks with the deluxe edition that has 15 different co-writers and co-producers, primarily fellow singer-songwriter Trent Dabbs and her bassist Chris Kuffner, with Mat Kearney co-writing and guesting on "One Night Town." The new album is her maturest yet and features resounding beats, refined pop melodies and Michaelson’s own stunning, vocal range. "There was something about writing with all these people that opened up things maybe I wouldn't have thought of before, which I think a good co-writer will help you do," explains Michaelson, who recorded 18 songs after coming up with more than 30 ideas for "Lights Out." Michaelson currently has dates booked into early June, including a show at the Hangout Beach, Music & Arts Fest on May 16 in Alabama and two-night stands in Washington, D.C. and Boston.

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