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Jackson Wang surprised fans by releasing a new mixtape titled "LOST & FOUND." Team Wang, the rapper’s self-founded label, shared that the mixtape was composed of a few of Jackson’s unreleased songs. The Hong Kong-born K-pop idol surprise-released the new eight-track mixtape, comprising old songs he had previously recorded but left unreleased. Notably, Wang co-wrote the sixth track on the record, titled "In My Bed." "LOST & FOUND" comes over two years after the GOT7 star’s debut full-length album ‘MIRRORS,’ which spawned the lead singles "Bullet to the Heart" and "Dway!." Most recently, Wang teamed up with f(x)’s Amber Liu on her single "Easier" from her new mini-album "Z!." Last year, Wang also opened up about his hectic work schedule and motivated him to keep working hard. “You know why [I’m a busy man]? Because I’m not the best, I’m still working my ass off to become the best, to become someone there,” the singer explained. In other GOT7 news, Thai member BamBam recently returned with his second mini-album, "B," and its lead single, "Slo-Mo." The album also included the pre-release single "Who Are You," featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Furthermore, Jackson Wang made his biggest debut, charting No.1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart; the mixtape has been titled 2022’s top-selling digital album on China’s NetEase Music, and Jackson reclaims his title as the No.1 most-streamed Chinese artist.


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