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The newly released album titled “Silver Lining II” is Jake Miller’s greatest effort to date — it includes all of the previously released singles of the past year, plus 10 brand new songs. and is the follow-up to Miller’s 2018 "Silver Lining" album that yielded hits like “The Girl That’s Underneath” (feat. Jabbar Hakeem), “Drinkin About You,” and “Think About Us.” Earlier in 2020, Jake has dropped a steady and wide-ranging slew of singles, including the fiery “Saved Me,” bouncy follow up “Blame It On You,” the Friends-inspired love song “Ross And Rachel,” EDM bangers “Reset,” and “Adderall,” upbeat collab “Jumpin” with MILES, the stripped-back pop anthem “Simple Life,” and trippy, catchy track “Crystal Ball.” The independent recording artist has amassed a diehard 3.5+ million social fan following dubbed “The Millertary,” clocked 275 million cumulative streams, shared the stage with Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and Fifth Harmony embarked on 8 headlining nationwide tours. In 2019, he issued BASED ON A TRUE STORY, his 6-song EP that he wrote and produced exclusively in his bedroom, which has gone on to clock 15 million U.S. streams.

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