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The X Factor UK winner James Arthur, best known in the United States for his tender and widely played “Say You Won’t Let Go,” has released his fourth album. "It’ll All Make Sense In The End" looks at both the past and future to find comfort in his presence. It is the follow-up to his 2019's 'You,' and the new album arrives through the vocalist's new label Columbia Records. The album finds the singer-songwriter meditating on the changes and breakups he’s undergone in the last few years and wondering where he’ll end up in the next couple. The tracks follow this thread, with Arthur taking aspects of life and looking at them from now on to backward. Highlights include “Last of the Whiskey,” where he misses his girlfriend, who always seems to be changing and moving while he stays the same. “It’s been one hell of a ride, and I don’t wanna get off,” he wails before the chorus. Then on “4,000 Miles,” he employs a snapping electronic beat to support him as his girl tries to break and bruise him inside. The chorus swells, and he belts the lyrics before a repetitive refrain begins and leads into the verses. "It’ll All Make Sense In The End" is by no means a bad album. Though some tracks are indistinguishable from the previous or following, he pours his heart into the lyrics and gives them enough personal touches to make it worth a listen. And get ready for some raw, British belting.