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R&B star James Vickery provides us with some serene on his debut album "Song That Made Me Feel." Guiding us through a soul-tinged project filled with buttery vocals and heavenly productions. Using sensual undertones and sultry rhythms, the singer details each experience like a diary entry as he explores his search for happiness and true love. The new full-length debut includes the previously shared tracks "Somewhere, Out There," "Come To Me" ft. Musiq Soulchild, and "Hourglass," and his latest offering is the EARTHGANG collaboration "You Comfort Me." Speaking about the new album, James said, "My baby is finally ready. I've taken my time with it, been given total artistic freedom to create the album I wanted to create, I've suffered, I've cried, I've had some of the best moments of my life. I can hand on heart say that this is totally the album I've always dreamed of making; I do not doubt that there will be at least something you can relate to on my debut album purely because I've delivered it to you totally and unapologetically raw, as it really and truly were in fact Songs That Made Me Feel." Already causing quite a stir in the scene for his ability to weave in between genres and create lush R&B-tinged cuts, Vickery is proving himself to be a one to watch, and this debut album solidifies it.

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