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If anyone were to get a second chance at redefining themselves, they would most probably take the opportunity to do so. Now, Jeremy Zucker plans to do exactly that through his sophomore album, “Crusher.” His new album is a far leap from their first as it is marked by unfettered anger and a more roaring sound, its musicality and overall look directly respond to their 2020 debut “Love is Not Dying.” If its older sibling was a bit more melancholy in tone and lyrics thanks to themes of heartbreak, “Crusher” is coming to terms with that—and getting furious at the process, like a musical “to hell with it.” “I felt like a little lost after [‘Love is Not Dying’]. It took me a while to figure out who I was and what I stood for. When you get wrapped up in relationships, like going through a breakup, it’s really easy to lose yourself when you have really strong feelings. ‘Crusher’ is finding myself again,” Jeremy explained during a recent press con. Nonetheless, they called it their “most intense album” to date, which they consider “emotionally and sonically” the “peak” of their career. While loud anger is a blatant topic that’s hardly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of deal, “Crusher” is a kaleidoscope of feelings, with 12 tracks comprising of jumbled eclectic sounds and emotions. According to the musician, the album is Jeremy at his most authentic, and it came about after a series of reflective moments with themself and with their closest peers.

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