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Jessie Ware has released the Platinum Pleasure Edtion of her fourth studio album, "What's Your Pleasure?" The first new track from the expanded collection, Please, was released on April 28 and got its exclusive first play on Zoe Ball's BBC Radio 2 breakfast show. As well as Please, another five new songs are included on Platinum Pleasure, in addition, includes the Endless remix of the standout track “Adore You." This edition still bears the cohesive, killer grooves and flawless production of the original version. Jessie Ware had shared last year that she had recorded many songs for her fourth studio album, many of which she loved, but of course, couldn't include all of them. So it's great to have the chance to hear all of those tracks. From the beginning of her career, Ware has always been about the long-term goals of artistic sustainability and integrity. This new album deepens the singer-songwriter’s commitment to her craft, with the album marking a striking and sultry chapter in her canon. "What's Your Pleasure?" peaked at Number 3 on release last July, becoming Jessie's fourth consecutive Top 10 album and highest-charting to date. WYP? and returned to the Official Albums Chart Top 10.


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