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Newcomer musician John K apparently has a lot of material to share with pop music fans. After releasing a project titled "Love + Everything Else" in 2020," he has now followed suit with a debut album titled "Case You Miss Me," which was released via RCA Records. “The album moves from light to heavy moods,” he explains. “There are some surface love songs where you just fit in the vibe. Then, there are fundamental concepts. The sound is still very vocal forward. We've got a healthy sense of competition, so we keep raising the bar with every project." With "In Case You Miss Me," John K has created an album with the potential to fulfill even the loftiest of his goals. The 12 track album includes the title track that is borrowing Bobby Vinton's classic, 'Mr. Lonely', to be sampled, John K presents "In Case You Miss Me" as an alt-pop ballad with a trap style that is melancholic but still catchy to the ear. The name John K is indeed ready to steal attention, considering that it has received a lot of praise from various music critics, such as from Rolling Stone Magazine or Billboard Magazine. “in case you miss me” is a means for John K to showcase his talent as a singer and composer.

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