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Canadian singer-songwriter Jonathan Roy has released his fifth album titled "My Lullaby," which is his first project since the 2017 album “Mr. Optimist Blues.” The album has seven tracks written with new collaborators, including two versions (one acoustic) of "Keeping Me Alive" and recorded in Montreal, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. This mini-album deals with serious subjects on music that has their roots in the personal and honest path that Jonathan has chosen to follow. In the press release accompanying the launch, Jonathan Roy says, “I wrote this EP at a pretty difficult time in my life, and it turned me on; I realized how happy music makes me. I wondered.” if I should continue or stop. I had to leave my comfort zone, buy a van (and live in it) to find myself. My songs reflect that - and also this need to reenergize myself." He continued, “Making My Lullaby has cemented my faith in music – the healing power of it and the need for me to do this my entire life. There is nothing else I want more. I left everything behind when I was at my lowest, but in doing so, I rediscovered who I was and figured out how to move forward.”