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Josef Salvat has released his third studio album album "Islands" and his third album, and his first since 2020's delicious alt-pop symphony "Modern Anxiety." Now working independently, new album finds Josef Salvat speaking his truth, working without inhibitions. On the album Josef says, “I think some of the best songs I’ve ever written are on this record. Some of the funnest, freest music. Even when there’s sadness it’s more a wistful understanding. There’s an acceptance and forgiveness of past fuckery and moving on. I’m proud of all of my albums for different reasons but I think Islands is my best.” He goes on to say “I’ve made the most major label album while not being on a major label. I think that’s because when I was on a major label I was really trying to keep hold of credibility. But I chose to have that now – I’m not waiting for other people to give it to me. I love pop music and it’s what I wanted to make.” The record was led by brand new single 'The Drum (including a french version) a song penned in the aftermath of David Bowie's passing. His passing was both a melodic and lyrical inspiration. I’m taking a dig at certain people in my life but I’m mainly being shady about myself and my own self obsession.” He had his first international success after the release of his EP "In Your Prime" in 2014, which included a cover of Rihanna's song "Diamonds" that reached #2 in France and was used in a commercial by Sony under the Bravia brand. Salvat has released music in English and French, and has collaborated with Gryffin and Paloma Faith.

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