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For much of the last decade, Julia Michaels has honed her craft as a songwriter, having penned Justin Bieber‘s ‘Sorry,’ Selena Gomez‘s slinky Talking Heads-sampling ‘Bad Liar’ and many others while still pumping out her own solo material. The interest in Michaels’ solo work to date – five EPs and countless singles – has therefore largely stemmed from an appreciation of her status as one of the elite pop songwriters of her era. Today Michaels finally releases her debut album titled "Not In Chronological Order," as she credits it with having her heart in the right place. “Now that I’ve experienced love in a very healthy way, I realized how pessimistic I’ve been in the past, how bitter I’ve been and how in love with toxicity I was,” as she explains, “I wanted to just really talk about this new healthy relationship I have with love.” The album will include the latest single “Love is Weird,“ "All My Exes,” and previously shared album track “Lie Like This.”

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