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Over the past few months, we have discovered a lot of new artists that blew us away with their talent. The Brussels-born K.ZIA is one of them because her soulful R&B has conquered our hearts. After releasing a handful of songs, the singer has released her highly anticipated debut album "Genesis," The artistic proposal of "Genesis" is remarkable in form thanks to a very worked image, but also in substance since K.ZIA addresses strong themes: feminism, the promotion of a free lifestyle, the celebration of differences, depression, gratitude towards life despite the hard knocks. K.ZIA is that rare artist that blurs the lines; she defies genre and manages to fuse R&B, Soul and pop music in a truly unique and inspiring way. Born in Brussels and currently based in Berlin, she is very much a world citizen. Her father is from Martinique, and her Belgo-Congolese mother is the internationally acclaimed Zap Mama. She has lived a life amongst many cultures and has travelled the music world. She describes herself as Afro-European, but trying to put this incredible artist in any box would be a mistake. In 2017, while finishing her Master's degree in public relations and media, she decided to move to Berlin, where she began her career as an independent artist. Since his first EP, "RED," released in 2018, K.ZIA has performed worldwide as the headliner or opening act for many artists such as Sampa the Great, Omar Lyefook, Tayla Parx, Kota The Friend and d still others.

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