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Georgian-British singer-songwriter and musician Katie Melua has dropped her new album "Acoustic Album No. 8," a collection of acoustic reworkings of her acclaimed 2020 release "Album No.8." Produced by Zurab Melua, these stripped-back performances present the songs and Katie’s singular voice at their most pure. Album No. 8 saw Katie expose herself with her most personal record to date as she sought to take control of her music and public narrative. The tracks were not just an exploration into her personal and emotional state but also challenged the creative depths, which has seen a massive amount of commercial and critical success throughout her career. The album was widely recognized upon its release while also scoring Katie’s 8th consecutive UK top 10 studio album with high expectations. Released during the pandemic, when she was unable to tour, Katie would often share acoustic performances of the songs online, usually joined by her brother Zurab. “I’m proud of these songs and missed being able to tour around the release of the album last year. Performing them in this distilled way has given them a new lease of life. Zurab has a brilliant mind, and we were able to do everything, apart from mastering, at home, which is in a beautiful part of London. I think the tranquillity and the green park around the area is part of the atmosphere on the record.” Katie Melua is one of Britain's most successful musical artists, with a catalogue that has been certified 56 times platinum around the globe.

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