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Kehlani has released her third studio album "Blue Water Road," which has already produced a pair of tracks, “Altar” and “Little Story.” Across the album’s thirteen tracks Kehlani sounds freer, looser and more centred than ever before. "Blue Water Road," almost entirely produced by go-to collaborator Andrew Pop Wansel, has an air of wistfulness that cedes attention to its downtempo design and dewy-eyed declarations. Still, the album coheres around its sobering exploration of enduring love – be it the romantic or divine kind - adding permanency to Kehlani’s mantra-like calls for clarity and closure in the wake of loss. Kehlani coolly shifts gears between emotional extremes: there’s evident regret laced with a hint of menace on the album’s most bracing and inviting track ‘wish I never,’ a throwback hip-hop leaning number that will sate fans of the "SweetSexySavage" era; on "Altar," they light a flame, arching their back in the act of submission - a symbol of near-matrimony made into a touching remembrance that only comes with maturing over time. On "Blue Water Road," Kehlani revels comfortably and rapturously in her sexuality – the result is a soft and sensitive account of bodily affection and intimacy not smeared by a power imbalance but by the total synergy between lovers. This cozy, habitual kind of love Kehlani channels through the quiet storm splendour of the Spanish flecked "melt," an album highlight, and "tangerine," a resplendent mid-tempo with a modulated vocal effect. Kehlani’s last album, "It Was Good Until It Wasn’t," was released in May 2020 and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, featuring appearances from Jhené Aiko, Lucky Daye, and James Blake.

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