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Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza has released a deluxe edition of her second album "Crave" and serves as the follow-up to her debut album, Sound of a Woman, released in 2014. With the release, we got two brand new tracks, the first titled "When The Stars Don't Shine and the second called "Dying For You." The album was released after a car accident derailed her life, the album compacts emotional and romantic upheaval into tactile electro-pop packed with splashy synths and soaring melodies. Kiesza’s house-pop hit “Hideaway” was a rush of mid-2010s dance-pop crossovers, distinguishing the Calgary singer through an ecstatic blast of energy and a viral one-take video. Kiesza’s debut didn’t deviate far from that song’s formula, yet it also led to platinum sales in Europe, three Juno Awards, and a big-tent collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex’s Jack Ü. Then, while writing her follow-up in Toronto, a car accident derailed her life, leaving her with memory loss, fatigue, and balance issues on the left side of her body. Faced with the possibility of never performing again, Kiesza worked with a chiropractor and various alternative health approaches to will herself back into physical and mental shape within two years.

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