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Having formed in 1993 and put out 13 albums to date, KORN has come a long way since their self-titled album was released back in 1994. Known for making nu-metal mainstream before the likes of Slipknot and Linkin Park came along, the band has sold 40 million albums worldwide, collected two Grammys, and toured the world countless times across an illustrious career. They have also experimented a lot over the years, making it no surprise that their newly released album "Requiem" won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Made up of nine songs and clocking in at a total runtime of over half an hour, Requiem is very short. However, KORN uses their time well. Opening track Forgotten sounds like something off of 1998’s Follow The Leader, with heavy guitars, twisty bass guitars and gang vocals. Those who haven’t been fans of their newer work or who think the band has lost their prime should be gladly surprised by this album. The 90s-esque Lost In The Grandeur is an album highlight. It starts with a frantic drum introduction before all hell breaks loose in the instrument department, with dirty basslines and guitar riffs contrasting with the clean vocals. KORN will celebrate the arrival of its new album, "Requiem," with a special record-release event this coming February 3 at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California. "Requiem Mass" will see the Southern California heavy music pioneers perform an intimate set in front of 300 attendees.

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