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Kylie Minogue has released her "Infinite Disco" Livestream show in which the pop superstar performed tracks from her No. 1 LP "Disco" alongside career classics during the concert, which aired globally back in 2020. It was later included with CD editions of her "Disco Guest List Edition" deluxe repack, and the show is now set for a wider release. A review of "Disco" said the album “comes just in time to help us dance through the darkness and back into the light. "Disco" is packed with upbeat, care-free ’70s inspired dance music – and, frankly, that’s just what we needed right now!” When the touring industry ground to a halt due to the outbreak of COVID-19, artists and labels scrambled to come up with an alternative. Fans could pay a reduced amount to watch a pre-recorded show from the comfort of their own home. The results were mixed. It all just felt a little stale and lifeless without the energy of a live audience. Kylie Minogue, however, cracked the code. The pop icon’s "Infinite Disco" was broadcast on November 7, 2020, and it proved to be a glittering, hit-filled party from beginning to end. The fact that Kylie gave us one long continuous performance — no painful audience interaction, unnecessary costume changes or segmentation — lent the concert a unique sense of intimacy. The hitmaker invited us into her glittery, disco-fabulous world and then guided us. Unity, or, more specifically, the way the dance floor fosters it, was the event's theme, and if only for an hour, life felt normal again.