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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga have released their second duet album, "Love for Sale," which is billed as the legendary singer’s final recording. Immaculately dressed in a procession of intelligent suits, Bennett is as classic as it gets, the 95-year-old bringing timeless big band tunes to life with his effortlessly smooth pipes since the late 1940s. Lady Gaga, meanwhile, has long been a master of exploring the many facets of boundary-pushing pop, drawing on everything from Eurotrash (second album ’Born This Way) and country-tinged soft-rock (2016’s "Joanne") to the futuristic cyberpunk of her most recent studio album 2020’s "Chromatica." Spanning some of Porter’s best-known classics, the tracklist also includes Frank Sinatra’s Porter-penned signature songs ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ and ‘I Get a Kick Out of You’. At times, it all feels very jazz-hands; singing solo on ‘Let’s Do It’, Gaga goes full musical theatre, humming appreciatively as trumpeter Brian Newman lets rip with a solo. ‘Love For Sale’ is best when Bennett and Gaga playfully trade lines and sing in unison, with the veteran singer countering his collaborator’s belting vocal with artful restraint. Though they’re vastly different icons, from entirely different generations, it’s testament to their power that both artists find their own voices in such timeless classics.

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