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Lady Wray starts the new year off with the release of the “Joy & Pain” EP. It's been over five years since Lady Wray released her last full-length project, "Queen Alone." The R&B vet has remained active, but it was the 12-track project that helped reintroduce her to the world 18 years after her debut album. Nearly six years later, and it appears that she's preparing to bless fans with a new full-length before the month ends. Ahead of its release, she delivered an eight-song EP to set the tone for what's to come. "Joy & Pain" brings Wray and Leon Michels back together for a warm and soulful collection of songs. The title track "Piece of Me," which has become a classic since its release in 2019, was the first song recorded for this album - when Nicole was eight months pregnant with her daughter. While the energetic songs "Under The Sun" and "Through It All" are sure to become hits that reconnect Lady Wray with her R&B fan base from the 90s, Where Were You shows what her teenage years were like. In the poetic and powerful "Beauty In The Fire," Nicole deals with the tensions between the ethnic groups in America. In the show stopper "Thank You," she lets herself be strongly influenced by her beliefs and feelings, and in Joy & Pain, she celebrates the ups and downs of life. Lady Wray's forthcoming album, "Piece Of Me," is due on Jan. 28th.

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