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Lady Wray has dropped her sophomore full-length offering "Piece Of Me" via Big Crown Records. This is something of a homecoming for Nicole as her 2016 solo debut "Queen Alone" leaned more towards Soul and R&B with hip-hop tinges; this record changes the mixture. It's still R&B with the textures of analog Soul, but a heavy Hip Hop influence brings the sum of Nicole's career together in a new sound that will define her future. Boom-bap drums and chunky bass lines are front-and-center, creating a perfect head-nodding backdrop for Lady Wray to take on the good, the bad, the difficult, and the joyful on her most personal collection of songs to date. The title track, "Piece of Me," which has already become a classic since its 2019 release, is about the people in your life who need more than you are willing to give. This tune and the B side of the 7” “Come On In” were the first songs put to tape for this album, and they were recorded with Nicole sitting in a chair eight months pregnant with her daughter. With past albums like the "Lady project" and "Queen Alone," it's hard not to acknowledge that Lady Wray plus Leon Michels production equals magic. But this magic is coming from the fact that Lady Wray is now squarely herself, calling her shots and singing to help heal first and all else secondary. "It's a beautiful thing I've always wanted in my career, and now I have it," Lady Wray says. "They encourage me to be me all day long." This is Lady Wray at her finest, and she's giving us all a piece of where she's at these days.

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