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Cuban-American songstress, Lauren Jauregui, released her debut project "Prelude," a profoundly personal seven-track project fully written by Jauregui. The soft, sexy, meditative tracks provide a new perspective to the singer's artistry and life up to this point. "I learned a lot about myself sonically," Jauregui said about the writing process. "This round of life and music that I'm giving people is genuine expressions of my experiences in life, and introspection into my own inner world and just s— that's happened to me in my life. It's not necessarily all tragic, but there are definitely a lot of layers to the emotions." Among the tracks are songs such as "Falling," a song about feeling emotionally exhausted while pleading for support, on her latest single, "On Guard" featuring 6LACK about being afraid to open up to a new lover and "Sorry," a poignant song about falling out of love. Prelude's release marks the liberation of Lauren Jauregui, seeing her moving into new artistic spaces with open arms. "I think even entertaining [Prelude] these past few remnants of her have come up for me," she says of the project's creative process. "I needed to [hear] it and say, ‘No. I’ve healed past this, and I don’t need to pull myself into this space again because I am not this person. I am not in that space anymore, I’ve learned, and I know better now.’ It’s still a tether, it’s an ebb and flow, and I’m learning to be more inflow. I feel like once I let these songs go,"

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