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Leela James has released her seventh studio album titled "See Me" which was lead by Complicated,” released earlier this spring, and it entered the Top 10 at Adult R&B radio and continues to blaze the air waves, finding its way onto everyone’s playlist. Since Leela James put out her debut album, 2005’s "A Change Is Gonna Come," the soul siren has released a steady stream of music, exploring new stylistic elements while staying remarkably focused. In a press bio from 2010, she said, “My sound today may be different than where I was five years ago, but my core is always the same.” More than a decade later, that still rings true. On the new "See Me" (BMG), the production by Rex Rideout and Jairus “JMo” Mozee, which features lots of electronic samples, might be the most experimental yet on a Leela James record. She never lets the production dominate, though, and remains in the center of the action at all times—on the title track, a reflective ballad, she makes demands of an errant lover rather than pleading for a change or caving in and accepting bad behaviour. Nearly two decades into her career, "See Me" shows she is still doing vital work.

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