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Let’s Eat Grandma, the UK duo of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, have released a new album called "Two Ribbons" via Transgressive. What’s sonically striking about "Two Ribbons" is its accessibility compared to the peculiar, juvenile explorations of 2016 debut "I, Gemini" and its potent, PC Music-influenced follow-up. Its first half primarily consists of glowing synth-pop ("Happy New Year," "Hall Of Mirrors"), its second tripped-out acoustic and moving balladry ("Sunday," "Two Ribbons"). Time spent apart has certainly pulled their pop sentiments into sharper focus. On quivering synth-pop banger "Levitation," Walton details finding glimmers of hope amid a destructive, hedonistic episode. Over precision-tooled drum machine claps coupled with the song’s effervescent tone, it makes for a listen full of heart and hope. "Strange Conversations," a dreamy guitar-driven number that’s just one example of Let’s Eat Grandma’s improved, more mature singing, touches on seeking religious comfort amid grieving. In the lilting, glockenspiel-speckled " Two Ribbons, " a lack of resolution is also reflected in the glockenspiel-speckled "Two Ribbons," which rhythmically teases a climax that never arrives. The glorious quirks and inventiveness of Let’s Eat Grandma’s earlier work might be amiss on "Two Ribbons," but its immediacy will likely win them new fans. This is the stirring sound of reinvigoration in the face of loss. "Two Ribbons" is the follow-up to Let’s Eat Grandma’s 2018 album "I’m All Ears" and their third studio LP overall. It spans ten tracks, with the single “Hall of Mirrors.”