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Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, has been teasing great things with singles "Landline" and "Silver Balloons," and now she has released her fourth studio album, "Tomorrow’s Yesterdays." The majority of the album is solely written by the artist, who also produced the record herself, with fans on the membership platform Patreon funding the process. In "Tomorrow's Yesterdays," we are already on familiar ground. The musician returns to the roots, delivering pop in the broad sense of the term. Disco, house, the eighties, synthetic, Little Boots mixes many genres through its music, without remaining on its achievements. We never stop wiggling while listening to his compositions, starting with the singles "Silver Balloons" and "Landline," which are not necessarily the best of this Tomorrow's Yesterdays as we prefer the jazzy funk of Back To Mine or the catchy Heavenly. We then find in the second half of the album among the most diverse pieces by Victoria Hesketh, including an Out (Out) with bouncy synths, "Deborah and Want You Back?" and their catchy choruses and, above all, the title track "Tomorrow's Yesterdays," an epic and melancholy pop ballad that concludes the record perfectly. Little Boots still manages to convince us seven years later without renewing itself. It is certain that "Tomorrow's Yesterdays" is objectively not his most inspired album, but the fact remains that it remains constant and pleasant from start to finish.

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