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The "Mambo No.5" singer Lou Bega shaped the musical landscape of the late nineties and set it in motion like no other and is back this year to build on the carelessness joy of those days: Lou Bega releases his new album “90s Cruiser,” which is an extremely exuberant journey through time to the nineties. After he had already presented the single “Buena Macarena” in the spring and set heat records in the middle of summer with his “Bongo Bong” update, the Munich native is now setting off the entire 90s hit fireworks display. After Bega and his established producer Roland Spremberg (including a-ha, Ville Valo, Natalia Avelon) recorded the song “Scatman & Hatman” together, which immediately gave them top positions in the iTunes charts and streams in the millions, they are Both of them recently immersed themselves very, very deeply in the hit history of the 1990s: For the upcoming studio album “90s Cruiser” they have selected several classics. "90s Cruiser" exudes the same exuberant energy as it did back then - only these melodies sound much more powerful now because they are 100% contemporary. No wonder, after all, the man from Munich always knew how to make something danceable even more danceable.

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