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R&B fans are in luck. It looks like 2022 has begun with the arrival of six-time Grammy-nominated singer Lucky Daye's new sophomore album, "Candy Drip." Hailing from New Orleans, the crooner quickly found himself embracing his musical inclinations, despite spending the first eight years of his life in a strict Christian church that refrained its members from secular music and entertainment. "Candy Drip" is an R&B album through and through, blending both the stylistic qualities of the classics with the lo-fi feel of the Soundcloud era. Across the project, Daye tackles a romance that weaves through the highs and the lows, tugging the singer-songwriter backwards and forwards. At its most potent is sensual groove ‘Guess’ that captures Daye’s sultry vocals over a sample of Usher’s "You Don’t Have To Call." It’s never an easy task to do such an emblematic sample justice. Alternatively, tracks like "NWA" incorporate elements of Trap and, in turn, see a braggadocios Daye merge forces with Lil Durk. Approaching the mid-point of its tracklist, the production depicts Daye’s realization of the toxicity that riddles his relationship, contrasting acoustic guitars with a moody bass on a stand-out single "Over." It’s on given tracks where Daye’s songwriting and vocal abilities are most striking. It’s on closing track "Ego" where Sunny Daye finds solace in the unknown, surrounded by warm, laid-back instrumentation and angelic choirs. "Candy Drip" is an easy-going body of work, and although at times this plays against the deeper themes, which may require more of a punch, it’s a delight to listen to.

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