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Madonna released her smash success of a second studio album, "Like A Virgin," on the final day of June in 1986; Madonna released its highly anticipated follow-up, "True Blue." Now Madonna is celebrating 35 years of her classic album ‘True Blue’ with a new digital reissue. The star’s third album was released in 1986 and featured the hit singles "Live to Tell," "Papa Don’t Preach," "True Blue," "Open Your Heart," and "La Isla Bonita." The LP turned 35 last month, and, on July 30, the Queen of Pop reissued the record on digital platforms in its original format with an additional nine tracks. Included in the bonus tracks are extended mixes of "Papa Don’t Preach," "True Blue," "Open Your Heart," and "La Isla Bonita," along with further remixes and instrumentals. "True Blue" gave Madonna her second UK and the US No. 1 record, while each topped the charts in either territory. True Blue solidified her blonde ambition, cemented her worldwide superstardom, and, once and for all, extinguished any remaining doubts about her potential career longevity. Still, her highest-selling studio album of all time based on worldwide sales that exceed 25 million, "True Blue" is an essential component of Madonna’s prolific canon and a permanently fondly recalled fixture of everyone's younger days.

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