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Majid Jordan has released their third studio album entitled "Wildest Dreams," which kicked off in April with the release of “Waves Of Blue,” their first single in nearly three years. When the world came to a screeching halt in 2020, the Toronto-based duo had already mapped out a rough sketch of what they sought to accomplish that year. Plans inevitably changed, but they weren’t worried. Accepting the newfound abundance of time, singer Majid Al-Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman decided no rush to release new music. Instead, they used the break from life as a period of growth and reflection. Thus gave birth to their new album "Wildest Dreams," which is a project that, as Jordan explained to us, intends to offer a better understanding of Majid Jordan as both musicians and humans. It’s in part why it’s taken four years to release their follow-up to The Space Between. While the idea of releasing an album in the middle of the pandemic was admittedly daunting, Majid explained that "Wildest Dreams" is meant to be uplifting after the harrowing year that was 2020. “We wanted something that had lyrical content speaking about a life that’s worth living, speaking about aspiring to your wildest dreams, reminding people that it is possible. Believe in yourself. You’re capable. We felt that support," Majid said. The project has already spawned a trio of singles including “Waves of Blue,” “Been Through That,” and most recently, “Summer Rain.”

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