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If you still haven't turned into a full-on Malia Civetz stan, this EP "Heels In Hand" via Warner Records will seal the deal. The carefully crafted collection of six honest, empowering, high-spirited tracks take the listener on a journey without missing a drip or ooze of soul. Malia Civetz is this badass, strong female artist who pours so much of herself into her music. She’s a singer/songwriter, which you guys know we have the most significant sweet spot for. This EP is all about self-love and knowing your worth, so get ready to dance, cry and sing along with us as we dive into this gem!

Her EP showcases Civetz at her pitch-perfect best, and that includes the single "Partied Out." The gloriously anthemic single is Civetz at her infectious pop/dance beat, and the video includes RuPaul’s Drag Race favourites Jackie Cox, Yuhua Hamasaki, and Laganja Estranja, as well as Los Angeles drag favourite Rhea Litre, all of whom are giving us a dose of individuality. Another great highlight is Malia’s ability to rewrite the narrative on a familiar idea. With the saucy “Sugar Daddy,” she turns the preconceived notion of the so-called phrase and masterfully turns it into a spicy line: “I don’t need no sugar daddy/ Just want your sugar, daddy.” The track closes the EP perfectly by whetting the listener’s appetite and leaves them wanting more.

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